7 days in Photos, end of October 2022

Let’s start at the beginning. Here is the last week or so in selfies. I post these daily on my stories to keep me accountable to myself and making an effort with my appearance. They actually started as a way of me getting used to how i look with an artificial leg. Then i just carried it on.

Things I discovered from posting these this week:

  • I really do prefer to wear my hair down now, having pursued the curly girl method for over a year now. I look back and think that hair scraped back makes me look a bit severe and teacher like.
  • I have been playing with lipstick colours and now I think I prefer bright. I bought the red unsure if I would actually even wear it, but the selfies have reassured me it actually does look great. Love how the lipstick brightens up my whole look.
  • The full length swim togs photo was a bold move by me. I put it on stories this week, feeling pretty scared TBH. I had wonderful positive feedback. Showing not only my whole amp side, but all the scars on my right side too (which can’t usually be seen with the compression garment on) made me feel quite vulnerable but I think I need to do it more to make peace with those scars. I hate my right leg and much prefer it to be covered.
  • The short shorts photo was how I dressed for the waka ama regatta. The team NZ shorts being that length made changing legs a lot easier. I would never EVER wear shorts this short usually, and NEVER would I have done this pre amputation.
  • Although I do prefer bright lipsticks now, I can see that beiges and browns also have their place too. Once upon a time that was the only colour I would wear.

Waka ama Regatta

This was the first time my club has ever been able to put out an all woman’s team in a race. How blooming proud was I to be part of that history! This was also the first time a para paddler had been there. So yep, i had to hide in plain sight in the women’s open category.

This was what I decided to wear. I used the team NZ shorts because they are very short making changing legs quite easy.

What I was particularly impressed with was the fact that not one single person said a word about it, the leg was never mentioned or questioned. Why can the world not be like this all the time.

We completed a 10km race, we were 4th (out of 4) but who cares. We did it, and we did it for the first time in the clubs history. One newbi8e, one only just back to paddling last having done it at high school and me, who has never done a race this long. And, I was in seat 3, calling the change and also taking charge of the team to keep them focussed and on the pace for the whole race.

Great work ladies.

The exercise life

I have been back on the blade trying to run. We are having to make a new socket and get a new liner so I will have to take running very easy till that is all in place. I am still cycling. I have got the distance up to 41km. That is just 5km short of the Oxman distance. So I’m feeling really good.

As for parkrun, I am still banned and still waiting for a sports chair. Meanwhile I went park WALKING this weekend in the wheelchair with a walking friend to keep me in check. Mission I accomplished, I was cheered over the line for how slow I was and my wheelchair is still in one piece!

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I am a massage therapist and part time athlete, blogging life thru a disability lens. On wheels, with flipper and occasionally on feet.

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