What motivates me?

This was a question the Stuff reporter asked me yesterday referring to how I recovered relatively quickly, physically, after my amputation. I really had to stop and think for a moment. Whether I am motivated or not never occurred to me, I just am who I am.

Sport and exercise is my therapy. I am a happier person with it in my life. I have been to some pretty dark places and have even, in the past, contemplated suicide (not connected to the amputation). The main stay that has always helped me get back on an even keel dating way back into my 30’s, is exercise.

For that reason I had this pretty high up on my motivational lost and began to problem solve way back before I even lost my leg.

  • When I couldn’t walk any more, I would ride my bike
  • When I could no longer ride, I swam.
  • When swimming became hard, I adapted the swim stroke so I could keep swimming.

When I found out I would lost my leg I immediately set a goal – I had no idea if it would be possible, but goal setting works for me.

  1. Get back into the pool asap (9 weeks, delayed due to an infection)
  2. Enter and complete Challenge Wanaka (3 months post amputation)

I know that sport calms me, it is my escape, I know I will feel better when I have done it.

I tell myself that on good days, bad days, even on horrific days. Sometimes I struggle to make that steps, I am only human, but know this:

Whether the gap is 2 hours, 2 days or 2 weeks, I will always come back to it, because it is my happy place.

What’s my why?

Life is too short to be sad,

Too short to waste time

On things you hate.

Time is too precious to not

Enjoy every moment, or

Do things that

Don’t make you smile.

Be grateful for each new day.

Be happy with the life you create.

Be sure to fill every day with love.

What’s your why?

My top tips for success

  • Find things that make you happy. Make a long list.
  • Only do exercise that you enjoy, what’s the point otherwise.
  • Write down one feel good and one thing you are grateful for each and every day.

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