Me and my peg leg..

So the time has come. I am not amused, not amused at all, but I had to get one of these, to help me get around. Feeling pretty pissed off to be honest, but needs must. 

This week has been a mad work week: 55 hours working and its getting just a bit crazy. I am thankful that a couple of my casuals are back now and I can get the evenings covered off for massage, but still, its a bit full on with someone who only has 1/5 working legs!

Still tramping, but at a much slower speed, and much shorter walks, but I am trying to not let this thing beat me, but I have to be honest, I have had a few moments this week where it almost did.

I am making  a pact with myself to be kinder to ME and create more ME time rather than work eat sleep, so I also went for a walk around queens park one lunchtime last week. I used to do this all the time when work was just across the road, but the 15 min walk to get there now is just a bit too far for me and I refuse to be an invalid and drive there, so my big headed nature means I just don’t go at all. Ooops. I need to fix that too!

Still, I am looking forward to this weekend, which I have scheduled to be a weekend off. I hope I manage to stick to that! A business owners work is never done! I am rubbish at switching off!

That said, I am writing this in a lunch break so that is a start, plus I have started the week with a swim, so that another plus. I am endeavouring to put myself a little higher up the list than last these next few weeks! Wish me luck!