Tough times 

CyclingIt’s been a bit of a nightmare week, but I was able to also have my first true weekend off in quite a long time: a week of two halves to be sure. 
We started the week (and finished it) with a stupid council notice saying we live in an ‘unsanitary building’ that we need to fix ASAP. In short we have inherited a long term feud with this property and the council and they are making us replace our entire septic tank system with no notice: a move that will cost us around $20k. Money we don’t have.

So, a few drain layers and plumbers (and a solicitor) later I know a lot more about ***t treatment than I did before! I have to say I feel mighty stressed about it, but my bank account manager says I’m very bubbly, far too much so for him to be able to cope with one of my early morning classes. So, I’m trying my best to not lose that.

I do still love the flexibility of my job and I’m still working at regaining the balance. This week I took the bike in and gave a client a 1:1 spin class! I’m so proud of all the people I work with and how well they are doing.

I managed one walk in the park this week, but the weekend was where I really got the balance back.

I got out on the bike for the first time in what felt like years, (I forgot how much I enjoyed it) and all those spin classes I take all the time certainly seem to have done me favours, lots of benefits being a personal trainer!

We thought about how to combat the crazy hours syndrome and decided we needed to have a cook fest, so Sunday afternoon we set to it and produced home made sausage rolls, pumpkin orzo pasta salad and home made lasagne. We do intend to also make bacon and egg pie as well as some other things but this was a good start on making sure that we don’t have odd 9pm dinners next week. Gosh, there’s a lot of planning to do to make sure I don’t eat junk on the way rushing from here to there.

And Finally, I was at the supermarket this weekend and found this in the vegetable section. Please say someone knows what on earth vegetable it is, because it looks like twigs to me!