Day 2: outdoor swimming and Dracula!

IMG_8814We still keep waking up bright and early at 5am and can’t quite decide why that is. Is it because of the 2 hour time difference or the fact that it’s light at that time? It is strange that we have weather like summer but day te light hours like winter – it goes dark at 5:30pm.

Anyway, the hazard of this is we are up, breakfast and ready to go way before anything opens up!

We went for a drive to Southport today for a reminisce. This was the location of my very first world champs grand final, back in 2009. We went for a walk around the are where the transition was, the swim entry / exit – happy memories.

The Gold Coast aquatics centre- which was just a pool when I was last here, had a mega bucks upgrade in 2014. IMG_8824It is now sporting two outdoor 50m pools (one a competition pool) training and diving pools and an indoor rehab pool as well as indoor and outdoor fully equipped gyms. Pretty impressive. It only cost $5:40 to get in for a swim. Blissful. Indoor like pool with fresh water, but outside. Best of both worlds! I wish I lived in a place like IMG_8834this!

A wonderful way to spend a morning – I was in heaven!

IMG_8835From there we went to Broadbeach for a walk and ha a light lunch in an outdoors cafe. Even my cheese and fruit board healthy choice was huge!

The highlight of the day has to be draculas. We saw this place on our last visit and decided we would definitely go this time. From the outset we were in some weird parody, the best I can do is Rocky Horror meets Dracula cabaret. It was funny, strange, entertaining yet undescribable. We were shut into a dark coffin filled foyer, ushered to a strange bar where everyone was in drag, moving heads, tied bodies suspended wriggling from the ceiling, canipes in the shape of human fingers.

From there we joined a line to ride a ghost train to get to the theatre – the most unique theatre entrance in the world? There was even a video shown to the audience of everyone’s ‘fright moment’. In ours Mark jumps, I laugh!

The show itself was a weird eclectic mix of cabaret acts, burlesque, acrobatics and singing with no storyline at all and a tenuous link of ‘Dracula!. Don’t get me wrong – it was highly entertaining but very hard to describe! A definite must do if you visit the Gold Coast!