Day 1: the local Surfin’ area

IMG_8792-0 Day one in the Gold Coast and a forecast high of 32 means I think they’re well and truly over the freak floods and awful weather of last week and back to the ‘sunshine coast’ weather.

The sun rises good and early, and much like New Zealand, the lights go out suddenly. What is curious is that it gets light and dark here at the same time of day all year round. I wonder why that is.

We took a walk from where we are staying, up the beach to Surfers Paradise. I have found a high pointy building to walk on top of, not as tall as the sky tower, but that’s ok!

We spent the day wanted ing around Surfers, found Gelatissimo, quite possibly the nicest ice cream on the entire planet (photo at the top) and a sweet shop 80’s style, complete with boiled sweets of old (funnily, on closer inspection, made in Thrapston, England!). We had a wander around the local street market (and discovered how incredibly expensive New Zealand is!) and caught a stunning sunset.

This evening we went to Hooters, Broadbeach, for dinner. We have been to lots of Hooters across America, so we like to keep the tradition! The food was great, up until I ordered desert and got this! I have to say I nearly died! And no, I didn’t finish it!

IMG_8812-0I haven’t walked so far on. Concrete for ages, I’m used to the Bush. My feet didn’t like it! We also went into positively gigantic shopping malls compared to what we are used to! (I.e small to none!)

We went shopping for food today, thank goodness, I couldn’t cope with one of those too often! Love the heat, love not having to do anything!