Day 4: Relaxation and Walking in the clouds

IMG_8902 We decided to go for a relaxation day, and Mark wanted to ‘do the beach’ at least once so we came up with a solution. After breakfast we were on the beach by 8:30am, relaxing. I nipped off leaving mark in his bliss to scale a really high tower, then came back for a dip in the sea. Simple? Continue reading “Day 4: Relaxation and Walking in the clouds”

Day 2: outdoor swimming and Dracula!

IMG_8814We still keep waking up bright and early at 5am and can’t quite decide why that is. Is it because of the 2 hour time difference or the fact that it’s light at that time? It is strange that we have weather like summer but day te light hours like winter – it goes dark at 5:30pm. Continue reading “Day 2: outdoor swimming and Dracula!”