Healthy eating, outdoors & room reveal week!

Mores reserve It’s been another beautiful weeks weather in Southland, which is fabulous for us! Long may it last, specially since we are expecting a visitor from England in a few weeks!

We started our week with a wonderful walk in fabulous Mores reserve. It was a yomp rather than a walk, as it was between my work shifts, so I had no time to waste! We also took it as a chance to wear in our new tramping boots, and managed the usual 90 minute route in an hour, with stops! Perhaps the hump ridge track did us more good than we thought!

While walking the usual track, we saw these wonderful painted stones along the sides of the path, each saying a different message. Here are a few of them: a beautiful thing for someone to do, they made me smile 🙂

We have completed week one in ‘the eat me lean’ Ryding household. Follow my progress on my Ryding2Health blog. We are doing well so far, but cooking looks quite different in this house!

The beautiful weather also meant I had time to go for afternoon walks and some solo rowing on the river. This walk is by the river, where I row. Mark went for a run, while I went for a walk.

A fabulous bonus of finishing work at 2pm when it’s summer! The day I chose to row was simply stunning. The water was a mirror, the sky was blue.

My confidence with singles rowing is growing and growing and I now use some of my time in the afternoon to go rowing, just me and the boat, which is a beautifully peaceful way to do exercise!

So, the final thing to be said is the room reveal! We moved out of our bedroom just before Christmas to decorate it. This weekend, we were finally done, and able to move back in, extremely happy with the results! One room down, many more to go! I think we’ll have a rest for a bit 😀