The sporting family squeezes work in around recreation!

A Mall! It's been a while!

A Mall! It’s been a while!

This week has been a little more of a return to normal. I was in Dunedin two days this week with work, (proper shops!) I tried boxing (OMG!) and got a GoPro as an early Birthday present! 

imageWe paid for the Hump Ridge track this week so we are definitlely doing it, third weekend of November. Exciting! And I now he a GoPro so I can take you all with me! Its a 60z+km 3 day tramp in the wilderness!

I never cease to be amazed by what holds kiwi houses up. I had to take a photo of this, because I was so amazed! That’s the ground beneath the black plastic, and the floor boards above!

I tried boxing on Wednesday. I am not sure why people want to do that, imagine deliberately practicing to punch people in the face!

imageI’m bit excited: BBC strictly is back on, so that’s my breakfast entertainment sorted for months!

Saturday was gales and 140kmph winds, but that didn’t stop the last game of the season for stags. Sadly they lost, but the opposition was a division higher up.

And this Sunday the fit family (haha) divided and conquered, Mark ran an off road 1/2 marathon while I went rowing and took the GoPro on its first outing!


Marks 1/2 was cut short due to an unexpectedly high tide, meaning the beach run was cut out and the race started pretty much straight away with a huge flight of stairs up hatches hill! Oops!

He’s doing the Invercargill 1/2 in 2 weeks and looking forward to more flatness!