Spring is coming- the garden says so!

Breakfast in bed I’m a very lucky girl because this is how my weekend started : breakfast in bed. Thanks Mark. 🙂

After a truly horrible week of rain rain and more rain, we were hoping for a slightly less rainy weekend.


We went to the first Southland Stags game of the season on Friday evening, $20 a ticket with a seat (uncovered) – can’t complain. They were playing Bay of Plenty (North Island). One of their supporters made it onto TV because he hitch hiked all the way here! Stags won 34-23 in a windy rainy Invercargill.

IMG_2687Saturday evening saw the first of three test matches between the All Blacks and the Wallabies, to win the Bledisloe cup. The Aussies really want the cup back, and were aiming to break the All Blacks’ 17 game winning streak. One more win and it would be a world record.

We watched it at the local, a late 10pm start, so we were allowed in the side door, and sat by the light of the fire and watched it in darkness! 12-12 draw, not ideal. Next game here so, hopefully they should win that.

Sunday was a beautiful day, sunny and dare I say, warm? Spring feeling like it is coming at last. We started the morning with some orienteering. I don’t usually go but I decided I would walk the course, just for fun. It was in a local park that backs onto the swimming pool and football club, beautiful morning.

It was amusing because I have done it twice now, and am getting the hang of the map reading and where they like to hide them. I overtook a family who were looking for ‘no4’ when they were in fact reading the map wrong, they needed no 47, and a team of adult women/ men who were looking for control 7. I took a wee look at my map, worked out where they would have hidden it, went, registered my electronic tag (it beeps) and walked off. One woman was standing almost beside me, and they still didn’t see it, tucked in behind a tree and a fence. So off I went leaving them looking!

Snail and tortoise see, slow and steady is sometimes best! Hahaha

Beautiful sunshine means only one thing on a Sunday afternoon – gardening. We made a start on taming the winter jungle and cutting back the dead heads ready for spring, finishing with a drink sitting on the deck, just as the sun was setting.