Beer, dancing and DIY


Cheers! Kilkenny all round!

We have been making a concerted effort this past week, to redress the balance and add some fun into the otherwise heavy workload week.

This means I have added chillax walks in my favourite easy access park, and nights out.

We decided to go further afield this weekend and went into town rather than the local. After dinner and beer, we went to a few of the other pubs. Or visit to ‘the Kiln’ a popular bar, was short. Mark wasn’t allowed in wearing his ‘Metal Mulisha’ top! Hilarious to be barred access at his age!

We decided to go to the Vinyl Bar instead. We had been before, but not on a regular Saturday evening. It had a reputation for being popular with older people, but is a curious wee place, almost like a bar set up in someone’s terraced house back room! It did have vinyl though, and the barman doubled as the DJ as well!

We were told that we could also venture upstairs, where there was a free nightclub that played 80’s music. Another very very odd experience, as you would not expect a night club in basically someone’s bedroom! Access via steep stairs (stairs are unusual here!) straight onto the dance floor! There was even a wee sofa / lounge corner, complete with granny’s sofas and a little fire! We sat for ages in an empty ‘night club’ and roared with laughter!

We went back down because we felt so out of place! It did liven up though, we gave the place a second chance and found that it was in fact packed (even by kiwi standards!) by midnight or so. Obviously people start much later round here! It actually turned out to be a great evening, mark made friends with his twinkle toes dancing. Must have been good – 3am arrival back home!

The rest of the weekend was spent fixing up the door frame that Mark has been making over the past few weekends. It was originally an arch, he has built the frame from scratch to make the ‘hole’ fit and fitted / hung a door that we found in a scrap yard. Here it is, just needs filler and a lick of paint! I’m so proud of him, for a first attempt. I think he has amazed himself!