More things that are different about England

imageLots of small wee things that you notice when you’ve lived elsewhere for a while.

  • Pigeons. You don’t get them in NZ. Their call sounds odd when you’re used to Tui and fantails.
  • The postman brings your mail to your door!  No walking up the street to the mail box!
  • Being somewhere that is relatively densely populated in comparison to NZ makes you realise exactly how dark DARKNESS is when you live rurally in a sparsely populated country, nowhere near street lights.
  • Choice. You tend to take an English high street for granted until you have something to compare it to. Primark, £3 T shirts, and so on. Nothing like that in Sleepy Invercargill!
  • Cash! You need to carry it, the whole of NZ works on EFTPOS so cash is rarely needed!

I’m sure I’ll think of more. It’s really weird looking at your home country like an outsider! I was looking for long trousers today. (I’m very tall!) All the shops have stopped stocking them and you have to buy them online. I got tired of explaining why I didn’t want to look at their catalogue and no, they wouldn’t be able to deliver it to me, despite what they thought!