Dunedin: Highlanders and Gorgeous coastline

20140629-205454-75294365.jpg This weekend, we went up to Dunedin, a helter skelter trip straight from work on Friday evening, to get to the rugby game by 7:30pm. We JUST made it! We decided to stay over, and spend the day in the area before meandering back home on Saturday afternoon. So glad we did because Saturday turned out to be beautiful. 

The Rugby game on Friday evening was fabulous, as usual. I feel blessed to be living in a country where the sport that I love to watch is the national sport! Makes for a great evening out, and the tickets were only $37 each, way cheaper than Northampton Saints!

Here are some of our photos from the evening too.

We went into town afterwards. It was a great change to have a lively selection of bars and loud music. A far cry from sleepy Invercargill! This particular bar made me laugh though.

The Octagon, Dunedin

We apprached this bar from up the road to the right. As we approached the security guard and the gap in the fence, expecting to be allowed in, we were stopped. Erm, excuse me, you need to go down there, the indicated the fences that ended a metre or so down. We were ushered down there, to turn and walk back up towards him. While I was thinking (WHAT!?) the guy behind me verbalised my thoughts, but saying out loud, REALLY?!?

Every bar we went into was showing the rugby, either league or union. A lot of the blokes were wearing rugby shirts. What a contrast from a post match football town, eh!? Great evening.

20140629-200626-72386863.jpgThe hotel we stayed in was basic, functional – alright, but it had this in the bathroom! Wow!! Made me happy! (And cured my hangover the next morning!)

I wanted to go to the Otago Museum, I have been to the settlers museum a few times now, but never the other one. I am so glad we did, the island history, and the completely different flaura and fauna is really fascinating. Robins look nothing like robins, and there are so many species that I have just not seen before. Amazing.

We went out onto the Otago Peninsula before heading home, A spot I always like to visit.

This time we visited Sandfly bay. The vantage point is a stunning view, but if you are prepared to take the steep hike down and through the really steep sand dunes (a challenging return walk, but take some card, makes a great slide!!) the view from down on the beach is just wonderful. I bet its a popular spot in the summer.

On Sunday, Mark went off to Bushy Point to plan an orienteering route for his club. I went along for the stroll, as it is somewhere I had not been before despite it being only ten minutes away. Beautiful sunny morning, can’t complain!

On our way back from the shops, we stopped into the warehouse. He decided to get a sausage, there is usually a stall outside, with some local group selling them as a fund raiser.

The young girl who sold him the sausage asked was he that guy from the hypnotist show! Hahahaha He will NEVER live it down!

Author: Melanie

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