Mud, rugby, and Mark becomes famous!

Rugby Park, Invercargill, Highlanders v NZ Barbarians

It’s been a few weeks since I updated his blog, so my apologies. We have been busy, as usual. Never a dull moment in such a beautiful country.

Somehow, I managed to get myself roped into the local mud run ‘muddy buddy’. I ran it last year, just after I arrived. The condition is that you have to be in a team of four who all have to finish together. Some friends of ours decided to make it into a guys v gals friendly competition, so there were two teams, the men and the women. The men’s team consisted of 3 x partners plus one, likewise with the women’s team.

Here’s how we did.

The following week was our trip to Dunedin for the All Blacks v Dunedin test match. So so cool, and I managed to drag out my vintage England shirt!

Before we departed on our road trip, though, we went to see the English hypnotist Andrew Newton who was back in Invercargill again. We went to see him last year, this year we were second row, and with a group of seven friends. Mark decided to volunteer this time, and, well, watch the video and see…

Almost every day since, he has had people approach him in the street, in random places (like the sausage seller at the local Highlanders game on Friday) telling him that he made their evening. It’s hilarious! He should have known that, in such a small close knit place as Invercargill!

We decided to make the road trip to Dunedin the next day into a major photographic opportunity. So we mapped out our journey from home to the stadium in photos.

Being at a game such as this was really weird. I am undeniably British, but living in a rugby nation makes this particular combo a bit strange. Who do you support!? At this stage, England or course! Mark reckons we will switch allegiance when we become citizens. Hmmmm.

It was a great atmosphere, great stadium, all seats are super close to the pitch, so cool!

There was a panorama photo take on the whole stadium, my white top stood out a mile amongst the sea of Kiwis we were surrounded by, making it real easy for Mark to tag us both!

South Island Masters – Novice singles Gold Medal

Then, this week, I received this in my pigeon hole. Remember the disastrous singles race in Alexandra, where everyone crashed and I came last? Nope, I came first! This is a Gold medal!

Two weeks to go till the end of term, and till I once again return to England for a whistle stop tour.

Tomorrow marks one year since mum lost her battle with her ruthless savage cancer. It will be a sad day.

I feel you
In the washing of the waves
And the rustling of the trees.

I hear you
In your favourite song
And the whisper of the breeze.

I see you
In the memories of my heart
And the tear in my eye.

I miss you.
(c) M Ryding

Author: Melanie Magowan

I am a massage therapist and part time athlete

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