Poem: Finding me amongst the mayhem

Self identity, what does it mean?
Taken for granted, pre-assumed
Until your major beliefs are destroyed
Leaving you in a barren battlefield.

Like being airdropped into a strange town.
Take time to look around.
Find the familiar, find the new,
Make a list – what interests you?

A new coffee shop – same familiar taste.
A new dress shop – different but cool.
Familiar roads, don’t know where they go.
We head out anyway, discovering new.

Lipstick we loved – rediscovered again.
Sense of self worth, constructed anew
The town we knew is long gone.
New cities we found – even more cool.

New identity – Para is me
New look – confidence is me
New sport – Waka ama is me
New belief system – THIS IS ME!

[poem by Melanie Magowan]

On my Rock: 9 years without you

The place I sat on my return
Waves rolling as I wept
I had just laid you to rest
But memories are kept

Magic powers of the sea
Listen to its roar
Scream, yell, cry and sob
The sea can always take more

Water is the breath of life
And also takes away.
I sit atop the viewing point
And quietly I pray.

That you are looking down on me
Proud of all I have achieved
Your arms wrap round, give me a hug
It’s ok to grieve.

📝 POEM By Melanie Magowan

Poem: Behind the smiles

Behind positivity is pain
Psychological hurt
What has been taken
My mind tries to divert

To gains I have made
Celebrating the new
But behind all the front
Is the stuff I’ve been through

Triggers unknown,
Unexpected, abrupt
The affect they have
I completely erupt.

Context seems strange
To those who don’t know
Behind the smiles
If you know, you KNOW.

Poem by Melanie Magowan