The day I suddenly got old

I’m sitting in the hairdressers chair, looking back at my reflection. I notice the grey hair, lots of grey hair. I notice the bags under my eyes, the rivets in my forehead. jowels that have sunk with age. Behind me in the reflection is a picture of a young woman in the shop window opposite, modelling underwear. the difference is stark. Where did my looks go? Where did my youth go? When did age suddenly appear on my face?  Continue reading “The day I suddenly got old”

Knee update: Hard times

I have written this because a lot of people have started asking how it’s going, which made me realise it’s been a while since my last update. To be perfectly honest, I struggle to talk about it without getting upset, so this is easier. I’m not looking for sympathy, I’m just explaining my situation to help anyone who knows me understand a bit more. Continue reading “Knee update: Hard times”

Beating back the negatives

I learned this week that my consultants request for a knee operation was turned down and I have now been referred to the public health system.

Frustratingly, because my original accident / injury occurred in another country, legislation says it cannot be covered here in New Zealand. Continue reading “Beating back the negatives”