Day 4: Relaxation and Walking in the clouds

IMG_8902 We decided to go for a relaxation day, and Mark wanted to ‘do the beach’ at least once so we came up with a solution. After breakfast we were on the beach by 8:30am, relaxing. I nipped off leaving mark in his bliss to scale a really high tower, then came back for a dip in the sea. Simple?

The climb took a lot longer than I thought, delayed by waiting for people, the speed we walked at, the number of stops and all the local info we were given, but by gold it was cool! (Unlike Mark, down below on the beach!). After harness and safety briefings, we went up the super fast elevator (77 floors in 42.7 seconds) and out onto the viewing  deck. From there we were all hooked onto a rail, then off out the door! After a steep climb we gently ascended stairs up the side of the crest, able to stop and lean over the edge at one point on the way up, and again on the way back. Once at the top, 270m, we had a group photo then were left for a while to take in the views.

Some facts I remember:

  • There are 9 times more waterways in the Gold Coast than in Venice
  • 500,000 people live here.
  • The building was built in 2001, the shape to commemorate the Olympic Games in Sydney (the torch)
  • You can see 70km in all directions up there.
  • There is an island here man made in the shape of a love heart!
  • Its the tallest residential structure in the Southern Hemisphere
  • the twit who designed it put a bulb on its spire that actually requires replacing, costs $12000 a pop and one man has to climb a dark ladder inside that spike to get there!

Once all all the photos were done we headed back down (stopping to wave down at him as a group, in case he was watching!) and inside. It was super awesome, I didn’t feel at all afraid (I don’t mind heights a way but I felt very safe) and would highly recommend it for the $69.

I whizzed off to rescue Mark after my awesome trip up and we went to a local surf club for lunch before returning home to relax.

Dinner this evening was in our must do – Hard Rock Cafe, Mark wore his 2009 T shirt from his last visit. Oh, and compulsory T shirt purchase too. I had salad (go me!) – oh how cool is this door handle!?

Walking back through Surfers, we stopped to listen to some of the bands playing live at this weekend’s live music festival. The place really comes to life at night.

To finish off, here’s a couple of photos of the sunset today from our balcony. I can see why people love to live here.