#213 Losing a friend and unexpectedly borrowing a bike

There are two things I want to talk about;

1) The profound effect the smallest of gestures can have on someone’s life: from personal experience that was unexpected.

2) An on the side of the road decision I had to make today that reminded me once again of my disability related limitations. I don’t give up, but I’m also not invincible.

Included in this week’s update: the story of the 100km ride: the last event of Cycle World Dunedin ‘s Womens ride month.

😬 Did it go to plan? Not at all.
😢 Did I quit? Very very nearly. Thank you to Tom and Ray for persuading me not to, and formulating a plan B to help get back with the group.
😏 Did I enjoy it? I sure did
🤨 Did I finish it? Yep, in the end, I sure did.

Thank you to all the ladies (and gents) for your company and support today. You guys are rock stars.

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