Amputee awareness week #1: Disability parking

This week in NZ is #amputeeawarenessweek and I have a few things I would like to illustrate in the hope I can educate a few people out there on topics you may simply just not know about.

1) Disabled parking spaces.

Sometimes they are marked like this with a yellow box beside it. This box is sometimes on the left and sometimes on the right. This is PART OF THE PARKING SPACE and we have a right to park on it, if the box is on the wrong side of the car to what we need. Other time’s the whole space is painted wider. Either way it makes no difference. The whole space is needed whatever way it’s painted.

It’s not a walk way, it’s not an invitation to park badly or discard supermarket trolleys here and so on. Personally speaking I NEED The extra width to be able to get in and out. Due to the fact that I have to twist to to do this (and I don’t have a real foot) I need to be able to get the car door wide open to be able to get in and out. Without this extra width I’m either stranded in or out of my car.

If I was using the wheelchair this space is needed for wheelchair access in and out.

Please be considerate when parking near disabled spaces.

Thank you

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