#Savetheleg – the final straw?

As you know it has been a long complicated and emotionally challenging journey thus far and we are nowhere near done yet. Here is a summary of what has been done so far and what they planned to do on my latest hospital admission. Finally, I will end with an update on how it all went.

Surgeries so far

  1. unblock femoral artery
  2. full bypass operation, full length of the leg
  3. two further surgeries to fix further immediate blockages.

I was admitted to hospital again due to the fact that the leg was displaying critical limb ischemia symptoms (lack of blood flow at rest). Blood flow in the lower leg was only 30%. They planned to do an angioplasty this time which involved inserting a catheter (rod) into the artery and inflating a balloon at the site of the blockage at my ankle to open the artery up again.

How did the angiogram go?