Back on track

I have been doing a LOT of soul searching to find the solution to my current race dilemma. That coupled with a change in the weather means me and this bike can actually travel down the road on a more regular basis.

Here is what’s been happening and what I decided to do about racing.

So, with the plans now actually finalised I need to actually get some regular training in order. I have noticed a very big change to my mental attitude and approach, even at an unconscious level. On Saturday I had no real plans for the day, it was sun-shining and most activity here in New Zealand involves the outdoors. I found this really tough when I was so physically disabled before my op: I struggled to know what to do with my spare time and ended up sat indoors a lot getting quite depressed.

So, today the discussion was what type of sporting adventures would I prefer!

Since aquabike is my focus (and the bike is still MILES behind the swim in training terms) I decided to go for a bike ride. It sun-shined on Sunday too, so what the heck, off I went again for another bike ride! (The first time this spring without sleeves too!) I really do feel like I’m starting to find the old me again, even if it is frustrating that I can’t simply pick up where I left off in training terms!

It’s now 11 months since the knee replacement. So that means my annual follow up hospital appointment should be arriving some time soon. I can’t wait to talk to the surgeon who had nothing but lectures for me the last time I met him!

Since my MLD course the other week, I have been trialing 4 Fibromyalgia clients with the treatment. The preliminary results are really exciting! I’m considering going back to do level 2 in November!

My UK passport recently had to be renewed. What a palaver that was! First the passport had to be posted back to the UK by special post. Then, when it came back it had to be posted off again to Wellington or somewhere to get the residency visa transferred. But, they no longer stick passport labels in any more so the e-visa isn’t electronic at all! They sent me the passport back, having done nothing to it. Then I get an email with a letter I have to print off and carry with the passport. What cr@p is this?!? There’s a reason right there for me to apply for citizenship and get a kiwi passport, to bypass all that bullsh1t! They have also changed entry rules for UK citizens and now anyone visiting us needs to apply for a temp visa. Grrrrr!

Clocks change to NZ summer time next weekend, then we are on the way to almost 18 hours of sunshine each day in the middle of summer! 😎😎 I only wished it lasted longer than it does!