Lots has happened since my last update. I have a knee decision, a recruitment process to trawl through and yet another MRI.

The third consultant I saw (Mr Leucker) finally made a decision. Yay! Apparently I score 72 out of a possible 100 on the surgery scoring system which means I am eligible for surgery. The consultant sees no option other than full knee replacement. It is absolutely what I expected to be honest and I am glad that I finally am off the hamster wheel! So I then had to pay $200 to my dentist for a full set of ten X-rays and a full dental check and send clearance through to the hospital in order to be put on the waiting list for knee surgery.

I got confirmation of the fact that I am on the waiting list in the second week of July. Funding for each district health board is based on a 16 week waiting list window, so if they don’t get me in for surgery within the allotted time, they lose funding in next years budget. Here’s hoping that’s enough of a motivator to stick to the deadlines.

The next appt I got was another X-ray and MRI. These images – in conjunction with each other, are used to build me a custom designed prosthetic knee. How cool is that!

So my next project is to get systems in place to try and replace myself on the timetable, with the aim of phasing myself out over time so that when I get the date, there’s no dramas and Ryding2Health ticks along happily without me.

To that end, a LOT of my time has been spent lately on the recruitment processes. At least I have had a lot of interest in the two part time positions I am offering, which has not been the case in the past. It is, however, very time consuming reading and short listing, calling references, organising interviews (and interview staff) then debrief and decision making. All this while still doing my regular day job and running the business too. 😲

I have, though, got partial good news though. I have managed to cover the massage, at least till January 2019 because I found a very highly qualified German tourist who is here for 6 months and looking for part time massage work! I now need to set to work to persuade her NOT to leave! We are still working our way through all the personal training applications.

Keeping working is proving to be a challenge at times though. The pain is NOT under control and all the drugs I have tried have made me very very sick. I now have Fentanyl patches which I am too scared to use, to be frank. It’s the third controlled drug they have tried me on, very scary stuff. These drugs have a massive set of security protocol all of their own, its frightening.

I’m trying to keep some degree of normality in my life with fitness but it’s proving a challenge, what with all the work stuff I am trying to sort. But I have found that if I avoid inflammatory foods my pain is heaps better than it might otherwise be and if I force myself through the discomfort to keep cycling (now it’s only indoors) and swim – that also helps to improve the pain (and my mood!)

Wish me luck with my ongoing recruitment campaign, it’s proving to be entertaining at times, and it isn’t meant to be!