Life is too short…

Back when I was at the top of my game..

To worry about whether you have time for that walk, time to do that job or make that healthy meal. Life is too short to worry about anything.

Life it far too short.

More and more I am reminded about my finite time on this earth. First it was my mother, in June 2013, just after I arrived in New Zealand, then it was Kelly Forbes in 2015, a teacher I worked with my my first school here, just 34. This week, Jo Vaughan, just 47.

Jo Vaughan as I remember her

I only worked with Jo for a short while in my second school here in New Zealand but as soon as I think of her name I think of her infectious smile, never ending cheerfulness and positivity and absolute passion for life.

From the day I bumped into Jo at the poolside having not worked with herĀ for a wee while, when I asked how she was and she said ‘I have cancer’ right through till I saw the RIP on her Facebook account on 31 May, Jo was always smiling and positive. I found it completely incredible how she could do it in the face of the battle she was fighting.

Life is all about keeping smiling

Am I getting old? Is that the sign when all my friends start dying? I don’t feel old? But some days, on the contrary, I feel ancient. This knee battle is a hard one, one that tests me (and my pain drugs) to the absolute limits, constantly reminds me of the life I once had, and the one I am now forced to live while suspended on some type of decision making waiting list.

Cross your fingers for me and hope this weeks consultant finally makes a decision, so I can get my life back.

Meanwhile, another funeral to attend: Wednesday 6 June at 1pm.

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