Spring has sprung, crack open the walking boots!

Seals at Waipapa Point

Seals at Waipapa Point

Finally it’s getting warmer, the walking season soon starts and the clocks go back in a few weeks: yay!

I love the spring and summer here, it means more daylight hours to be outside enjoying the scenery! 

The rugby season is mid flow, we have Stags season tickets again and this week they had the privilege of Glen Jackson, an international referee who used to play at premiership level before he was a ref. We even got to chat to him, as a friend of mine is AR1 and is volunteering himself for massages while I’m offering them cheap as!

img_8130Just 5 weeks of my course left to go: woohoo! It’s been hard assed work fitting it in around the day job, with 6 day 60+ hour working weeks becoming normal!

This is Glen Jackson and the speaker is the Bay of Plenty captain doing his post match speech, something about not expecting the south to be sunny, what happened to the sideways rain!

We have come to learn that in fact, the South has more stable average weather most of the year, whereas the North Island has hotter summers but the winter and spring tends to be more volatile up there.

The tree is blossoming, the Kowhai has leaves, the flowers are starting to bloom and we have a LOT of garden catching up to do, following last summers mass excavation to put the new drainage in. What with that and crazy work hours I’m not sure where to start half the time! I wish I had a magic wand! I spent a few hours out front today, created a mass pile of garden debris and it hardly looked like it even started when I finished! Stuff grows too fast!

We took a wee trip to the Catlins this week, as well as our regular visit to Riverton. It’s nice to be out and about again, time to get these walking legs back in gear!

I will never get bored of walking in the bush here, just need to make sure my knees hold out as long as I need them to!