The upside down life of a personal trainer

IMG_0027The life of a personal trainer is quite by contrast to my old life as a teacher. Strange hours, upside down days with time spare in the morning, working in the evening: it can be all consuming if you don’t take control. 

So I decided to take advantage of a cancelled early morning appointment yesterday and go for a walk on the estuary. This could be my ‘evening’ as I knew I wasn’t finishing till late but didn’t have an appointment till much later in the morning.

It was a crisp clear morning, the boardwalk had a frost on it, but the sun was just rising and I had the entire walk to myself.

I found stillness and calm sitting watching the sun rise, glimpses of snowy peaks in the distance and glass like still waters: the tide fully out. Beautiful. It reminded me again why I live here. This spot is only a short walk from the centre of the city. It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in the humdrum of daily life and forget what beauty is right around you. I had almost forgotten New Zealand’s wow factor and started to take it for granted.