A wedding and more sunshine in Southland

Meal out as Sasso It’s been a busy few weeks, and almost holiday time, thank goodness! We have had ANOTHER UK friend whizz by, lots of sunshine (clearly summer has moved a few months!) 


The last time I saw Holly it was standing on the Mall, for the Olympics – we both marshalled the women’s and men’s marathon. I didn’t exect our next meeting to be the day after she got married up a mountain in Queenstown, with me living just down the road!!

Devils staircaseI never ever get bored of the drive up the devils staircase to Queenstown. This photo, remarkably, was take with my iPhone, from a moving car, arm stuck out the window!! (I was the passenger by the way!) We whizzed up there on the Friday evening, to say hello, congratulations and go out for a meal, before Holly and Steve drove off into the campervan sunset, so to speak, on their way up the west coast of South Island.

We have had some beautiful sunny days lately. The sun shining across the end of the driveway when I head out to work is a wonderful sight, although the mornings will be dark soon, so I need to savour it while it lasts!

Monster burrito!As a celebration for ‘ALMOST’ the end of term, we went out for drinks and a meal last night, to town. a wonderful evening, HUGE meal, lovely people. Mark said he felt a wee bit out of place as the only male and only non-teacher amongst a team of all female teachers!

Speights ale house When we ended up at Speights Ale house, however, this fireplace looked almost more inviting than the desert that we had arrived for!

Two things to end with that have amused me today. I don’t suppose Kiwi’s would even notice this as funny.

The first is a sign for a local pizza place. In isolation, it always makes me laugh! The other is the glasses we were given with the jug of Speights we ordered in a local sports bar. The jog seemed to last for ages, no wonder, with glasses as mini as that!