An ‘Ouch’, ‘Yippee’ and ‘Wohoo’ week!


Sad week this week: UK Mothers day, and the first without mum. Also an interesting, eventful and at times fruitful week too.

Mark has been relaying the brick path down the garden to my workout shed and the chicken coup. He has been working on it a while, digging up the already laid bricks, laying weedmat and relaying them.

He left one rogue brick on the path overnight the other day, and I went down the garden in the pitch black and tripped on it, bare foot. OUCH! likely broken toe, but no point in visiting A&E at all.

Still, the path looks real smart now its done!

Another long battle is finally over too – I have finally got full teacher registration!! YIPPEE!!! It only took a year, when it should have taken 3 months, but that is a story for another day!

I had to add this other photo in – the kids in my class wanted me to share it with the UK, beautiful hot day today, and its autumn here now. they said ‘Ha Ha!!’ to Europe!

Final piece of exciting news: we have tickets for the ALl Blacks v England, up in Dunedin in June!! What a game that will be, British through and through, but I am not sure – I think I might have to support both sides!!

I have told Mark that he needs to learn the NZ National anthem before hand. I already know it in both Te Reo and English, we sing it in school every week!!

Here it is, if you want to take a look!