Edendale Vintage Machinery club CRANK UP weekend 2014

IMG_9187This looked like a good weekend, and I knew Dad would like it so we went down to take a look.

The day that we were free wasn’t quite as sunny but the day came right in the end, true Southland style with sunshine later in the afternoon. 


A few celebrities dropped in, This is Levi, New Zealand’s strongest man and face of MITRE 10. There next to him is TV chef Mike Van De Elzen. 


There was a lot to see and do, so we easily stayed all day. It was sad though, that we didn’t get to see the dancing tractors, only while stationary, as the weather and soft ground stopped play. 

Lots of stalls, lots of memorabilia and lots of things that Dad remembered having, and that Mark says his dad STILL has. Many dying arts, including hand weaving, and bobbin lace, but the stars of the show were the machines, as you might imagine. I have never seen a parade, just of tractors and I have never seen so many different types of tractors! I feel like I am turning into a country bumpkin! 

Yep, Dad had a great time, we all did! 

I now know what tractor pulling competitions are, what a V8 tractor looks like (why!?) and how a baling machine works. I have seen tractor races, traction engines, and all sorts of other things. The stuff I am learning, soon I will be able to be a farmer!! I even saw sheep sheering with clippers powered by a diesel engine, a hand crank and a bicycle!