Dad does Te Anau

Lake Te Anau

Today’s selfie. We are getting good at this!

We decided to ditch the drive to Milford Sound – it was going to be too far to go, and we had crammed to much in, and worn Dad out! I insisted that he had to visit the Fjordland, so we agreed on Te Anau. 

We decided to spend the day there, do the touristy things, admire the views, have lunch, then bimble back via the Southern scenic route, which took us past McCrackens rest and Clifden suspension bridge. 

Dad agreed that the landscape on the western south island is truly stunning, and was glad we made the drive. 

The mountains had snow on top, not unknown for the middle of summer. Even the Keplar mountains were snow topped, and looked incredibly high, bearing in mind the Keplar track runs over the top of them! And Mark and I actually want to complete that tramp! EEEEK!! I think we need some more low level practice first!!

A great day was had by all.