McLean Falls: a hidden Gem

middle falls  McLean Falls

middle falls (yes there’s more!)

I have passed this sign a few times, but this time, because we were visiting the nearby Cathedral caves, we decided to also pop in here and have a look. If the tide times are right for the caves you can easily do both of these in one day. 

Are we there yet?The falls are named after Alexander McLean, an Invercargill farmer who made visitors welcome to the area in times before easy access. There are various estimations on how long it takes you to walk to the falls. Personally I would say 15-20 minutes tops for the average person. The path is not wheelchair friendly though. When you get to the middle falls there is a viewing platform. You will think wow, that’s nice, take some photos and consider returning.

The path actually takes a steep switchback, up the rocks, and there may well be a small stream running down it. YES, CARRY ON! The best is yet to come!! 

A few flights of steps later, and the extra wee climb will be worth it, because this is what you will see!

McLean falls (upper falls)See the flat rock just above that man’s head? Dad and I climbed up there, and you get a cracking view of the higher falls. 

McLean falls (upper falls)

I was real proud of Dad for doing a bit of rock climbing to get to this view point! We did see a really small track, off to the right of these falls. It looked like it might continue on up through the bush to the very top, but Dad had done enough climbing for one day (and I had already slipped and cracked my elbow on a rock!)

Well worth stopping to take a look, in my opinion, and it won’t take you long 🙂