Touring the local sights: Bluff

bluff Clearly, for any tourist, Lands End at Bluff is a must. But another thing that he didn’t expect today was the trip to hammer hardware.

The shop is a family owned hardware store that is owned by a collector. It also serves as a museum of vintage cars and motorbikes, and is home to the real original Burt Munro bike that he built and took the land speed record on, made famous by the film ‘World’s fastest Indian’. He was from Invercargill, and the store owner purchased the bike in an auction because he wanted it to stay in Invercargill.

Dad was really excited to see the actual bike, and they have a replica shell that you can climb into and have your photo taken!

After all this excitement the only way to round off the local tour, without affecting his jetlag too much was a lunch at Waxy O’Shea’s, the southernmost Irish bar in New Zealand! Well, he is Irish after all! Here, he tried his first local delicacy: ‘beer battered blue cod’. It gets a thumbs up!

There is an Irish folk jam session here on Sunday, he is tempted to return again!