Packing up the UK house

packing upToday’s the day: the packers have started. Its been tough for both of us on both sides of the globe: setting up home in a brand new country, ALONE isn’t easy, you have read about that. But, I imagine that being on the other side of the planet making sure that you terminate everything isn’t that easy either. 

The house sale has been a ‘right soap opera’ to say the least. 

  • Cash buyer, brill, nice and quick we thought
  • Buyer dilly dallies and refuses to answer any calls from my solicitor, as does the buyers solicitor.
  • Cash buyer eventually POSTS a CHEQUE to pay for the house, then disappears abroad and no-one has their contact details.
  • Buyers solicitors say that the cheque will take 10 days to clear, and no we cannot pay to speed it up. 
  • Buyers solicitors go incognito and we cannot get authorisation to exchange. Solicitor calls me to ask do I have a phone number for the buyer. Erm, isn’t that YOUR job?!
  • The exchange, which was originally meant to take place at the end of April (6 weeks after initially agreeing to the offer) is moved three times, and doesn’t take place till the end of May. 10 weeks. 

To say that I am relieved is a little bit of an understatement. Here in New Zealand, you offer a price for a house, you have ten days to prove you have the cash, then you sign the contract and pay a deposit. If you then pull out, you lose the deposit. Needless to say, few people pull out!! Seems way faster and much more simple!

Originally we needed two weeks between exchange and completion, in order to give the shipping company notice to come and pack the house. We got thoroughly cheesed off with waiting and booked Mark’s flight and the shippers before we got an exchange. A huge gamble, but it paid off, thank goodness. Hopefully the cash will exchange bank accounts on Friday. 

So, the shippers begin their packing today. I wouldn’t like to be there right now, I think I would be well stressed. Now, wait, I am well stressed anyway! just for different reasons!! 

Mark says’ its been stressful his end making sure everything is done, nothing has been forgotten and making sure he hasn’t forgotten anything important. Oh, and being apart from me. 

Only 6 more sleeps to go…..