An unexpected Saturday


When I was asked did I want to go and see a chick flick, I could have happily said no thanks, I will go for a bike ride, but I decided I would give it a go, something different.

5 staff from work including myself, went to see the silver linings playbook. I had no clue what it was about, but who cares, its something to do and some new people to meet.

Invercargill cinema is small, and was deserted. Mind you, it was 11am on a Saturday, I have no idea what a cinema looks like any other time other than evening!

The film was called silver lining playbook, basically a romantic story. Afterwards, two of us went for lunch, and Sandra took me to The Magpie café, basically a house turned into a café! You could easily drive past it!

I hadn’t got plans for the rest of the day so I went for a stroll along the Waihopai river, a current development where they are building a riverside path, to enable city dwellers  to appreciate the beauty of their surroundings. Within a few minutes stroll of the main high street where I parked the car, I felt like I was in the peaceful countryside, simply beautiful. There were walkers, strollers, bikes, a well-used path, and I can see why. Here’s another run route for me!


A wine and a chat at another work colleague/ friend’s house rounded off a beautiful day.