Work work work


Here I am from my daily spot in the library. I truly cannot wait till I move into my house next week and get broadband. I really wish everyone would realise how difficult it is living out of a suitcase, only having the belongings that you can carry with you, no heat, no house, no privacy, no husband, no friends, no car, no internet, and no idea what you are doing!

The sea of paperwork is slowly beginning to make sense and I remember how hard it was when I first went into special needs in the UK, from mainstream, huge learning curve there but not this huge! I wish that I was in the position I was at when I left the previous job, able to lay my hands on a number of made resources right away, able to know what the students are like, what they need, what list of ‘wing it’ activities I might choose if something goes horribly wrong. Instead I feel like I am in a constant state of mass panic, hitting the ground at a sprint with no time at all to gather my thoughts. 

Imagine you are in a new job, new town, new department. Now add to that a whole different skill area. Imagine you are a maths teacher and you are made to teach a full timetable of music. That is how much of a sea I feel like I am in. 

I am sure it will all even itself out eventually but at the moment, I simply wish Mark was here. 

Still, I have a brilliant head teacher colleague who is taking charge of the house move, and has pretty much organised the borrowing of an entire house of furniture  to tide me over. I am SOOOOOOOOO grateful for all the people involved in that. THANK YOU!

I got up today against my will, in the cold and the dark, to drag myself to the nasty dreaded 30×100’s swim set, in the knowledge that I WOULD enjoy it, I could reward myself with a sauna and swirl pool afterwards, before heading to work, and that I didn’t back out of it. PLUS, I have a training day off tomorrow so that makes me feel happy. 

Tomorrow is Friday, who wants a beer?