Relaxing weekend – at last!

IMG_5023 This weekend I decided I didn’t need to rush about filling my day, I could in fact just relax in my own place if I wanted to! 

I am starting to feel a little less stressed, as every small thing ticks into place slowly but surely. 

We got notification in Friday that the contracts had exchanged on the house in the UK. What a soap opera that has been, I feel it needs a blog all of its own! On Tuesday, the shipping company starts on the house. Next Sunday Mark flies out to join me. Soon, all will be well! 

I have also had notification that Novopay jusy might pay me the correct wages next week!

Today has been a gloriously sunny day, better weather lately than I think the UK are getting! After doing my ‘luxing’ and a bit of shopping, a friend came round for coffee, and to check out the new house. She was impressed. I am both lucky and thankful that I have managed to find a good house in the rental market, and now the landlord has actually met me, I hope he is feeling better about taking on a foreign tenant, albeit an extremely checked out tenant, more than anyone else he may ever see! The fire is fixed, the gates are on (at last), and we are all happy! I even have the loan of an electric blanket, what could be better! They aren’t something that anyone bothers with in the UK, but with houses that lack central heating, they are very popular here in New Zealand. I have come to realise why too, and its not even mid winter yet! 

IMG_5029I spent so much time relaxing and mooching that it was dark before I had chance to do my bike ride, so I went to the gym and did it on the spin bike instead. Frustrating that I have no turbo trainer yet. 

The day was rounded off in an unexpected way – volunteering to help the school fundraiser: a marathon cheese roll making session, in a huge carering kitchen: an order of 4000 dozen to make! The school makes and sells them as a fund raiser, they are all made by volunteers. 


I will come back to local delicacies in another post, but let me just put one thing straight: this is not cheese on toast rolled up! Southlanders will get very upset if you think that!! Its a cheese based recipe that also includes onion soup mix and milk, and once rolled they are oven toasted: usually eaten with soup. 

2 hours plus of cheese roll making was enough to make me NOT want to try them any time soon! 

Tomorrow I seem to have managed to get myself roped into a local mud run called Muddy Buddy: should be fun in just trainers!!