iPad in Education training course day 1


This was my view today: exciting eh?

Not all bad, because its raining outside. Well, drizzle so indoors is good I guess. I was thinking oh my god! to start with, I could be looking at houses, bla bla bla. But, it turned put to be a surprising revelation.

Here in New Zealand, although they are still in the dark ages with their Internet speed (honestly, it’s as slow as dial up sometimes!) they really are in the 21 century with how they use technology to teach. I was unsure what on earth they could teach me about iPads, but my eyes were opened wide.

Yes, there were people who really had no idea how to use one at all, like there will always be with any technology (my old deputy head for example!) but they use iPads here like I always dreamed they should be used: to aid education. A lot of schools seem to have converted to mac (perhaps there’s a mac deal going on?) and a lot of schools have a lot of iPads. My school are planning to have enough for one for each of the students, and have just issued an iPad mini to all the teachers, for them to use personally. I also have an iPad2 that is for student use.

They use them for all sorts of things including interactive note taking, hands on education, and the list of apps that came up in the course today was amazing. I had no idea there was that much stuff out there! There is simply not the opportunity to use them in this way in the Uk, which is such a shame because there are so many special needs students that could benefit greatly from the use of the iPad, and all the wonderful technology out there today.

I have to say, I do object to giving up two days of my holiday, as they really do expect a lot of work from their teachers here in New Zealand, but I am glad that I went, it has changed how I see the iPad for definite. All I need now is an Internet connection that doesn’t involve a trip to the library!

Now, onwards and upwards to do more house hunting!