Sunday Ride, NZ style

When I set off this morning for my ride (bearing in mind I already think that miles here are longer!) I thought I had enough time to cycle to Bluff and back before orienteering. Nope! What I did not factor in is the strength of the winds here in New Zealand.

After I arrived though, it was all worth it! Sterling Point is named after William Stirling, born in Kent, died in Tiwai 1851. He was the first pilot of the bluff area.

I met a lovely Australian couple, here on holiday, and their view was that the South Island is more beautiful, and all visitors should do the north first, or they will be disappointed if they do it in the other order!

They, and everyone I speak to think I have been incredibly brave doing what I have done. I am beginning to think it may be the right choice, this is an utterly beautiful country. What a wonderful time I will have on my bike!