Flights booked!


I hit the button ‘pay’, then the tears came. I’m really going. One way. To New Zealand. Without hubby. 

It should have been the most exciting moment of this trip so far, and in a way it was. I cannot wait to cycle on brand new roads, explore a brand new town, and meet a new school, and its staff and students.

But hubby won’t be there. That breaks my heart, it really does. I have spoken to many ex-pats who have done this journey too, and many who have had to do the same thing as me. I know I am not alone, but right now, I feel very alone.

I am sure it will pass, I am sure these are all normal feelings, he will be out before I know it, I will be back to the UK before I know it, but for now, I feel sad. And happy, all at once.