All falling into place!

20130320-111202.jpgI felt excited at the end of yesterday. It is the first time I think, as I am a calm calculated and in control person most of the time.

I got my NZ teachers council registration back from New Zealand, I found out that Novopay have written to me, sending the mail to the temporary address in New Zealand, I have my medical records, (which seemed far too easy to get, literally minutes!) a letter from my doctor for Air New Zealand explaining about my medical need for extra leg room and my mascot bear has a set of new jumpers!!


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It still seems a little surreal to be honest. Next week is my last week at work, and in three weeks I have a one way ticket out of here. Freaky scary! I only wish we were both going. I feel really bad leaving hubby in the UK to sort all the rest of the nightmare out!