Tough times roller coaster ride

smallworld-bigIts been a tough day. The past week has been focussed on sorting, throwing, packing, calling, and lunch / dinner dates no end. Everyone that I contact regards the departure have gone ‘OH MY GOD!’ and almost immediately come round or booked to see me. Its funny you know, definitely a time when you know who your true friends are. 

I have been feeling very emotional about the whole thing. I don’t know whether I am coming or going to be honest, half the time. I struggle to focus on things, and either tackle stuff very matter of fact, or burst into tears and cannot see how this will all work.

There is so much stuff I feel like I should be doing, I feel guilty when I stop and sit down for a few minutes. I cannot possibly have time spare, surely?!

Family are really struggling with this. That makes the whole thing harder. I am very concious that you only live once, and all those things, but I feel a time comes when you need to take that leap of faith and do what YOU want to do.

I do not want to be the girl who lives in the same town / street / part of the country that all my family grew up in. I know many school friends that are doing exactly that. I already made that stand when I went to the opposite end of the country to go to university.

We live in a small world, but also a big world. There is not enough time in our lifetime to see everything we want to see, do everything we want to do. time is precious, so we need to seize the day.

I am not leaving planet earth, I am leaving the country. If this was 30 years ago, you might never see me again. This is the 21st century, and the beauty of technology means that you CAN stay in contact with everyone, via skype, internet, video calls, and a million other means.

This IS the right thing for us. Its difficult to make such massive changes, but it IS right. Now is right.

Author: Melanie Magowan

I am a massage therapist and part time athlete

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