#224 My first gravel ride as an amputee

I have decided to make the most of Creo and her e-assist. So I got some gravel wheels as well, so now I can ride either on or off road! Here was my very first off road ride on Creo – dressed up as a gravel bike! I’ve never ever ridden a gravel bike.. not even when I had two feet!

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#218 update: pushing the rehab boundaries

It’s been a busy few weeks, sorry I missed last week’s video! Included in todays update:
*paracycling ride out opportunity
*another new socket!
*a new passport!
And more new personal bests!

#217 Celebrating this week’s wins: how to measure your own success

Measurement of success / progress has always been vital for me, a reassurance that I am doing the right thing and moving forwards with my rehab. Here’s this weeks celebrations – plus a few tips on how to measure success in a way that’s not simply data driven.

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#216 Yahoo! Leg progress at last!

Apologies for missing last weeks episode: sometimes life just serves us a curve ball and we need time to re-set. So, here’s this exiting update for of good news stories (and a few hidden gems of surprise!)

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First ride out: me and Creo!

I couldn’t wait to try the new e-bike out – so the second the rain stopped I grabbed the opportunity!

When does an e-bike not look like an e-bike? When you buy a specialised! Meet Creo my e-assist bike I just got!

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