#239 Limb Centre visit: making a new socket

It’s been a while since I needed a new socket.. many months in fact. It’s a bit like someone telling you you have to throw out your favourite shoes and buy a new one. No two sockets ever feel the same and it’s always inconvenient for mobility in the transition phase too.

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#218 update: pushing the rehab boundaries

It’s been a busy few weeks, sorry I missed last week’s video! Included in todays update:
*paracycling ride out opportunity
*another new socket!
*a new passport!
And more new personal bests!

FREE beginner / amputee fitness LIVE 3/5/21

I am a NZ REPS registered Amputee personal trainer. I am offering weekly FREE online live fitness sessions right here, and on Facebook live. I will incorporate fitness for beginners and for those with lower limb amputations. Mondays 10am NZ time

This is broadcast live simultaneously on my Facebook page and YouTube channel

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A different approach to physio and prosthetics

Today I met Liam, who is another of the physiotherapists at the Limb Centre in Dunedin. He doesn’t know me, has never met me before and is only basing his information on the medical records that the limb centre have created on me. But, todays approach was quite quite different to in previous visits.

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