New walk/ run goal – day 1

There’s been a million reasons why my blade running has stalled. Some of those are out of my control, and some are barriers I have created for myself. Todays the day I actually start doing something about that.

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The whispers from within

It won’t leave me..

That yearning, for sport.. for challenge, for a purpose, for a goal.

I have been searching for two and a half years. I have read books, absorbed online videos and articles and still it won’t leave me.

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Is there a ‘correct kind of hurt’?

Last weekend I walked Parkrun for only the third time ever (on two feet). The first time took me 1 hour 19, the second took me 1 hour 9, last weekend took me 58 mins. But… at a cost.

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258 HDC decision: was a medical error made?

After an almost 2 year long investigation into the circumstances surrounding my limb loss in 2020, I have a final decision back from the Health and Disability Commission. Here’s the result.

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