Autism awareness month: 8 April

Let’s talk about food. This is a typical autism quirk but very often it’s to do with textures and mixtures.

Food selectivity or the willingness to only eat a limited amount of foods is very common in autistic people. For me it’s about texture in my mouth more than flavour.

It’s not uncommon for autistic people to want foods that are physically separated on a plate.

For me I can’t stand certain things to be mixed up.. in fact most things! Pasta has to be separate from the sauce, as does rice. Veggies are ok mixed but can’t be mixed with other things that aren’t veggies.

I don’t like veggies that look like trees (!) that’s how I would remind my mum. I think it’s more the texture than the flavour of either of them. Same with celery.

I prefer takeaways or meals out in places I have been before, I hate surprises. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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