Autism awareness month: 5 April

False fact: Autism is much more common in boys – IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE!

What that should say is that autism is more commonly diagnosed in boys at an earlier age and missed in girls.

Girls are better at masking (something we do almost all the time to ‘fit in’ making your average day quite simply exhausting – and that’s before adding anything else into the mix!)

⭐️Boys are 4 times more likely to be diagnosed than girls.
⭐️According to the national library of medicine, ‘There appears to be a diagnostic gender bias, meaning that girls who meet criteria for ASD are at disproportionate risk of not receiving a clinical diagnosis.’
⭐️there is no way to know what % of the NZ population are autistic. This information is quite simply not gathered. [says Altogether Autism, a NZ based charity]

That last fact quite simply astounded me. Like WTAF?! 😲

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