Poem: Living life on a knife edge

It’s as precarious as it gets.

As long as you look dead ahead

Keep your focus

Don’t get tense

Still the mind

Know what’s next

Take deep breaths

It’s easy, right.. yeah right.

Like juggling 15 balls at once,

But juggling isn’t your forte

Eye off for a sec

Fumble one

Catch, then drop

Almost had it

Drop them all

Just pick them up… yeah right. (Not)

One small thing throws you

An out of proportion crash

The world falls in

You lose control

Cry and scream

Can’t pull it in

Just sob and sob

Get your act together… yeah right.

PTSD is the 15 balls

Taking up all of your mind.

An extra curve ball comes

And bowls you over

PTSD spills out

As the balls crash

So does everything

You lose control

That one extra thing… no…. Not alright

Poem by Melanie Magowan

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