Amputee awareness week 2022

On 8 October 2020, my life was changed for ever.

The impacts of that are far reaching and will likely take me many many years to fully accept – if I ever do.

I can’t go anywhere without mobility aids

I’m constantly negatively impacted by narrow minded selfish people, wheelchair inaccessibility and nothing can happen spontaneously any more. Everything takes longer than it used to.

My life is NOT better than it was before. It’s different.

A mistake a medical professional made will not impact them at all, their life continues as normal.

It will impact me till the day I die. Not only physically but mentally too.

Please think before you ask that amputee that passes you in the street what happened to them, how amazing they are, what an inspiration they are… we aren’t trying to be amazing, We are just trying to get through the day.. and we just might not want to talk about it. (And yes, strangers do ask me that, quite frequently.) ❤️

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