Disability equality in shops – what a load of bull****

If you follow my blog you will know a taste of the challenges I and other disabled people face to access life in a non friendly world. Well this is no different.. except with a positive outcome!

This is an excellent result – well done KMart for listening.

On 15 September I came to Kmart Invercargill and was not able to easily do my shopping at all as a wheelchair user because there was no wheelchair trolley/ basket or anything I could use. I ended up having to balance things on my knees (which didn’t work too well and a glass jar slid off and smashed at the tills.)

I posted a video detailing my disgust at my shopping experience – with the added issue that none of the shop staff offered to help me carry things to the car.

Matt, the country manager called me from Australia having been made aware of my video and promised to have things rectified asap.

Today, just 2 weeks after I posted that first video, I went into KMart and was pleased so see they now have a wheelchair trolley.

I know it shouldn’t have happened in the first place, but nevertheless thank you Kmart New Zealand for reaching out to me and rectifying the issue so promptly.

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