Amputee awareness week #2 Disabled toilets

Here’s day 2 of my mini awareness raising series.

2) Disabled toilets.

This happens ALL THE TIME. Did you know that a disabled toilet is bigger to fit the wheelchair in there too, to be able to fully turn it around and park it adjacent to the toilet for a safe transfer. The extra space is not an invite to fill it with STUFF! The most popular non disabled related stuff filling this space preventing me getting my wheelchair in here is a baby change table. That is not what this space is for. Neither is it for the bin, the spare toilet roll boxes or any other such thing.

Equally the reason the sink has a gap under it is so I can pull up close to it in the wheelchair and get my knees under it while I use it. No, it’s not for you to stuff some extra shelving or storage in.

Please leave disabled bathrooms free of clutter so we can use the space for the purpose it was designed for – fitting a disabled person in a wheelchair into.

BTW it’s also NOT for able bodied people to use because they want more space, or are feeling lazy and don’t want to walk further to the regular toilets (yep I see this a lot too. Their faces when they come out and see me parked up are usually very memorable!)

Man the number of times I see this and have to complain.. it’s beyond a joke. PS this photo was taken just a few days ago in a popular cafe locally to me.

Much appreciated 😊😌

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