Wensley’s Cycles Winter Duathlon series event #2 RACE REPORT

Well I’m pretty damned chuffed with this! Today’s goal was simply to be slightly better at transitions with a handler. Having not really had a clue what I was wanting to do last time around, it taught me a few lessons that I used to make today’s transitions a bit better. I was definitely more organised with my layout and despite having a different handler, we were much more slick through transition than last time too.

🚶🏼‍♀️(1km) The walking felt tons better – I still had crutches for the fatigue in the last few 100m of the 1km walk, but needed them much less than last time.

⌚️ 1 min 35 seconds faster this time 😃

🚴🏼‍♀️ (10km) I had a mare of a job figuring out what works best for the bike, and finally worked out late last night that actually the mountain bike foot connection wasn’t working at all. So a last minute change to the bike involved putting a road bike pedal on one side and leaving the mountain bike pedal on the other! 😆 aaand.. to top it off.. the hydraulics on the dropper post stopped working so, thankfully my handler was a mountain biker and knew how to help me do a track start which worked nicely. This time instead of trying to chase anyone I just did my own thing, working at an effort level that I thought I could sustain.

⌚️ 53 seconds faster than last time.

🚶🏼‍♀️(1km) Walk #2 almost killed me last time and I was heavily relying on the crutches. My friend came to walk with me this time and we chatted the whole way, I wasn’t using the crutches that much and felt tons better at the end.

⌚️ 50 seconds faster than last time

⏰ Overall – Transitions in total were 24 seconds faster and at today’s event overall I was 3 mins 42 seconds faster than event #1. ⏰Can’t complain about that really!

Thanks Southland Triathlon and Multisport Club once again for a fab event! And thanks Ross Henry for being today’s handler ☺️

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